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FF-5001 toner

Cartridge Model: C9720/21/22/23 C9730/31/32/33
Suitable Machine: HP4600/4650/5500/5550 CANON EP-85/2510/2500

1,Series FF-5001 Colour Toner is manufactured using the latest Chemical Process Method and is specially formulated for use in HP4600 type printers.It is manufactured under stringent quality control and has a consistent particle shape and size distribution

2,Series FF-5001 has a printing quality similar to OEM Toners,giving sharp definition ,good resolution,rich and colorful printing qualities

3. Series FF-5001 is economic and has good compatible property and performance in both recycled or original cartridges.Each cartridge with 200 grams our Chemical Process Toner has a page yield more than 8000 pages of 5% Coverage Test Pages and similar to OEM products in general performance

FF-5001 C M Y K
Toner Consumption 10-15mg/p 10-15mg/p 10-15mg/p 10-15mg/p
Transfer Efficiency ≥80% ≥80% ≥80%


Optical Density ≥ 1.10 ≥ 1.10 ≥ 1.10 ≥ 1.35
Grey Fundus ≤ 0.004 ≤ 0.004 ≤ 0.004 ≤ 0.004
Page Yield ≥1400 ≥1400 ≥1400 ≥2200